Prepping Pork Back Ribs

Ribs. Tasty ribs. Tasty… at least… if someone other than me made them. NOT anymore.

My understanding has always been that you need to get them ready ahead of time. I’ve heard boiling, an idea i just can’t accept. I’ve heard if you cook them slowly enough you can avoid this… I have not been able to figure this out. And I just don’t have five hours to give away to work on it. Plus… i’ll just get distracted and burn them.

Now I’ve done it. And, like everything else on this blog, I put it here because i will forget how I did it. So that you, meaning I, can remember it, and not have to start all over again.

<ol><li>Make rub. Use dried things from your cupboard, like salt, and cumin and stuff. My advice is put in stuff you like, and avoid the stuff you don’t like.

<li>Put it on back ribs. Put them on a cooking pan. (wash your hands) Add half an inch of water… and sliced lemons. Wrap in tin foil. No really… wrap it so that the steam doesn’t come out. And don’t use shitty tin foil… it breaks… good tin foil can take abuse. Take two frickin’ minutes and crimp the tinfoil, twitter will wait. And place it gently in the oven… shoving it in the oven will only warp your beautiful tinfoil job.

<li>Put in oven (325ish) for an hour and  a half.</ol>

Then barbecue them, or fondle them… makes no difference to me. Who knows what odd kick your on right now… maybe outside meat burning isn’t cool anymore. I’m told they’ll keep in the fridge for three days. Not in my fridge… but maybe in your fridge. In my fridge their life span is much, much shorter than that. They say you can even barbecue them three days later. Maybe you know by now.

They were awesome. check that one off the list. Feel free to confirm it ever worked again.

The addict lifted this information from from here.

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3 Responses to Prepping Pork Back Ribs

  1. LANDRY says:

    great site. I read about it on bonnies’ blog. I happen to be buying some ps3 games tomorrow. they will go along nicely with my guitar and motorcycle and soccer stuff and all that gear I just can’t say no to. yeah something interesting? cheap? a new thing for me to try. Keep at it boss.

  2. addict says:

    I tried this recipe again… again. very good. Some additional notes.

    1. probably a little less than 1 1/2 hours of cooking time. Maybe 1:15 would be better. SLOW cooking on the barbecue. super super low heat.

  3. Clint says:

    We’re boilers. Reduces fat, cuts cooking time & we end up with a decent rack of tender ribs.

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